CAMO Introduces New Code-Compliant Structural Screws | Roofing Contractor

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Known for delivering innovative tools and fasteners for deck builders, National Nail's CAMO® brand takes its product innovation to a new level with a new line of high-performance structural screws. Certified IRC/IBC code compliant and rigorously third-party tested and certified by DrJ Engineering, CAMO Structural Screw applications include the deck substructure, internal framing, ledger and general construction. 

"The CAMO team is excited to unveil CAMO Structural Screws, the next generation of structural fasteners to help builders with the deck structure and beyond," said Doug Hutchings, vice president of product development, National Nail. "The new screws offer builders excellent holding power and stronger connections." Bulk Galvanized Nails

CAMO Introduces New Code-Compliant Structural Screws | Roofing Contractor

Engineered to start fast without pre-drilling, drive smooth, and hold strong, CAMO's screw designs create the best structural fastener available. All structural screws feature CAMO's proprietary PROTECH™ ULTRA 4 coating, a four-layer system for industry-leading corrosion resistance and tested two times longer than industry standards. The Ledger, Multi-ply and Truss screws also do double-duty, requiring fewer fasteners per job and less SKUs for dealers. Unlike most structural screws, all CAMO structural screws can be used for interior and exterior projects.

The CAMO Structural Screw product line includes:

CAMO's new six-inch Truss Screws helps contractors make connections easier, faster, and better. They replace hurricane ties for general interior construction and exterior decking applications. The hands-free Truss Guide included in every pail helps contractors fasten at the right angle every time. Above and beyond most structural screws, the CAMO Truss screw can be used in interior wall and exterior beam-to-joist connections.

CAMO Multi-Ply Screws are available in specific lengths for both sawn and structural composite lumber beams, replacing through-bolts and nails for faster, stronger, more secure connections. Three screws do double-duty as Ledger Screws.

Offered in a variety of lengths, new CAMO Ledger Screws are a faster, less-expensive way to install ledger boards. The screw's flat head finishes flush with the material, so it doesn't get in the way of joist hangers or other materials. These screws can also be used in multi-ply applications.

Framing Screws (2.5 and 3-inch) are designed with superior holding power for wood-to-wood framing connections, deck blocking and interior/exterior general construction projects.

CAMO Multi-Purpose Screws are available in Flat and Hex head and replace lag bolts and through-bolts for framing. In addition to CAMO's PROTECH ULTRA 4 Coating, they are available in hot-dip galvanized options for coastal applications.

New CAMO Structural Screws are backed by a lifetime warranty when installed according to CAMO guidelines. Learn more about CAMO Structural Screws.

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CAMO Introduces New Code-Compliant Structural Screws | Roofing Contractor

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